Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

SEHATBARENG-Hair extension or commonly known as extension is a solution for those who experience thinning or want to extend hair. In order for its use to give ideal results, many things must be considered before and after applying it.

Installation of hair extensions can be done permanently or used according to alias needs can be removed. The advantages of daily non-permanent use are done by using a hairpin. Just be careful, hair extensions have the potential to damage sensitive or easily broken hair. On the other hand, for those who want to wear it permanently, vigilance needs to be increased about the possibility of scalp irritation and stress on real hair that has the potential to cause hair damage and make it fall out easily until experiencing baldness.

The thing that should be considered before installing hair extensions is to make sure it doesn't damage the real hair. In addition, make sure that the installation process is done properly so that the real hair is not pulled out or fall out. Therefore, first make sure that your hair is clean and healthy before connecting. Dirty or chemical-containing hair may cause dry, flaking, and itchy scalp.

In addition to real hair, the thing that should be considered is the health of the scalp. Scalp hygiene must also be prioritized before installing hair extensions. One thing is certain, the scalp is not allergic to hair extensions and materials that will be needed in the installation process.

Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

To prevent allergies, choose hair extensions that are right for your condition. To find out what is right, the first thing that can be done is to know the ingredients. In general, hair extensions can be made from the following ingredients.

Human hair

Nowadays hair extensions derived from human hair have become profitable industries. Human real hair is chosen because it is indeed this product that is considered the best to beautify hair. Real hair consists of three parts: the inner layer (medulla), cotex and cuticle.

This cuticle is the first protective layer against any form of damage faced by the hair. This section also controls water and fiber content for hair. A healthy cuticle is an important element so the hair looks bright. Of course because the structure is natural and original, it is understandable that human hair is the best hair extensions.

Synthetic Fiber

Other hair extensions that are often used are synthetic fibers. This material is made from a variety of synthetic fibers and usually without containing real human hair. Although it has similarities with real human hair, synthetic fibers are considered to be more easily damaged especially due to friction and heat. Of course, this depends on the quality of synthetic fibers used as raw materials.

The advantages of hair extensions made from synthetic fibers are that they can be redeemed at a cheaper price. But the weakness is more rigid so it often moves not in tune with real hair. If you wear these types of hair extensions, then you should not use a hairdresser that can give heat, such as a hair dryer and hair straightener.


Other materials that can be used as hair extensions are futura. This synthetic fiber has the advantage of being able to withstand heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius. Another plus is that it lasts a long time, even the life span can be longer than the original human hair. Futura also looks more like human hair because it can be wavy or straightened, free of tangles, and has sheen like real hair.

The downside of futura made hair extensions is that it takes longer to set it up. Besides that, futura-based hair extensions cannot be colored. As a result, futura is often sold with a mixture of real human hair.

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Wearing hair extensions can be used as a solution to increase or keep up one's appearance. For optimal results, you should use this product to suit the style and personality of the wearer.

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