Six Tips for Educating Our Children

SEHATBARENG -One of the tips to educate children is to teach children to be independent from childhood. Unfortunately, this goal will be difficult to do if parents spoil their children too much. Every parent would want to make their children happy. However, sometimes this actually backfires.

So often trying to make children happy, parents become excessive and unconsciously make the child become a spoiled figure. In fact, this spoiled nature can have a negative impact on children's development in the future.

Many parents do not realize there needs to be limits in providing comfort to their children. Children who are too familiar in comfortable conditions tend to be spoiled and cannot be independent. It doesn't mean that Mom has to be tough and calculation to children.

However, as a parent, Mom is also responsible for educating children so they can face difficulties, solve problems, and later take care of themselves. Tips to educate children to keep in mind: giving happiness to children is as important as providing challenges for them to face.

Come on, see tips for educating children  so they don't grow into spoiled figures:

1. Consistent with what is said

One reason that can make children tend to be spoiled is because parents are not consistent with what they say. For example, when a child asks for something, then Mom says no, most likely she will whine and force Mom to fulfill her wishes. Events like this usually force parents to then follow the wishes of their children.

Changes in attitude and speech that Mom shows will be kept in mind by the child. She also concludes that, if she whines or forces, Mom will fulfill her wishes. If Mom does not change attitudes like this, the child can grow into a spoiled child, always wanting his will to be obeyed, and unable to accept rejection.

2. It doesn't always help

Mom must be able to find which children's activities need help, and which ones she can do on her own. For example, give children freedom to eat alone, choose their own clothes, and clean up their own toys. Mom can give assistance in activities that do need adult involvement, such as cutting paper, getting food, preparing children's school equipment, and so on.

3. You can't lie

Emphasize the importance of saying and being honest with children. this is important not only to prevent children from being spoiled, but also for their future. Teach children to be brave about being open about their feelings or problems they face.

4. Give a clear explanation

When a child's ask is not followed by his parents, he will feel crying, angry, and upset. Mom might be touched and could not bear to see children feel sad like that. However, that does not mean that Mom can change attitudes and obey the child's will. That is not a wise move. Mom must stay consistent with the words and decisions that have been expressed.

To help children overcome their grief, Mom can convey the reason she refuses to obey her will softly and clearly, until she understands and is calm. Avoid giving rejection or prohibition to children without any explanation. This will only make children dissatisfied and more forceful. Two-way communication is the best solution for understanding children, and not being authoritarian.

5. Give enough attention

Adequate attention from parents will make children happy and comfortable. Attention here means not just giving children favorite material or items. Furthermore, the attention that can help shape the independent character of children is the concern of parents for children's feelings and activities.

For example, Mom often go with children to learn. Sitting nearby and helping him finish homework can have a very positive impact, you know. He can be more enthusiastic about learning and if you have difficulties, you can immediately ask Mom. In addition, Mom can build emotional closeness by encouraging children to express whatever feelings they feel. By showing a sense of empathy, the child will feel calm and cared for.
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