Important For Women : Meditation Can Be a Choice for Pregnant Women

SEHATBARENG-Stress felt when pregnant is normal. This is caused by hormonal changes. One option that can be done by pregnant women to overcome it is to routinely meditate.

Meditation is an exercise in focusing on breathing and thinking. Meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, even when eating. In addition to calming, this activity is also beneficial to increase endurance, improve heart health, and support blood pressure.

Various Benefits of Meditation for Pregnancy

There are various benefits of meditation  that can be obtained by pregnant women. Research shows, meditation can help pregnant women manage emotions while reducing anxiety and depression. The benefits of meditation done through yoga are also known to relieve stress, so pregnant women can feel more calm in undergoing pregnancy.

In addition, meditation can make pregnant women sleep better so that the body becomes fresher. Adequate sleep is also beneficial for reducing the symptoms of morning sickness.

Stress or depression is not only susceptible to pregnancy, but also after giving birth. Depression after childbirth or commonly known as the benefits of meditation, can also be felt by the child in the womb of pregnant women. Reducing stress in pregnant women can reduce the risk of preterm birth and low birth weight.

How to do Meditation for pregnant women

Meditation is considered safe to keep up stamina and relieve stress in pregnant women. We recommend avoiding some types of sports that are quite heavy, such as basketball, soccer, and mountain climbing.

Here are some safe ways of meditation performed by pregnant women:

Breathing exercises

The simplest movement that you can do is breathing exercises. The trick is to sit while breathing through your nose with your mouth closed. Close your eyes and feel every breath inhaled. Hold your breath for a few seconds and gently remove it through the nose.

Pregnant women can do this movement while sitting on a mattress or bed in the most comfortable position possible. Do this movement several times until the mind of the pregnant woman is truly calm.

Muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation exercises aim to relax stiff muscles. My mother can sit on the bed or the mattress as comfortable as possible. Feel the tense part of the body, stretch it.

For example, the hands of a pregnant woman feel tense, then lift both hands forward. Then do the stretching motion of the hand up and down slowly. Every movement can be done by pregnant women for 5 seconds. Repeat the movement for several times until the tense part is completely relaxed.

Exercise object visualization

The way to do visualization exercises is to imagine something that makes pregnant women happy. Like being in a park or walking on the beach with very cool air. Imagine the happy things with details, such as the smell of the air inhaled and the color of the sky being seen.

Pregnant women can do this while sitting cross-legged in a place that pregnant women like, such as a garden or family room. During this exercise, regulate breathing.

Besides doing meditation like the example above, yoga for pregnant women can be an option. Yoga is suitable for pregnant women in the third trimester. Yoga can be useful to make the labor process run more smoothly and easily.

Do not let stress bother pregnant women because they have various effects that can interfere with health. Meditation can be an option to overcome it. However, pregnant women can ask the doctor's advice first before meditating or other ways that are considered effective.

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